As well as the free promotions and reviews that I do I've decided to offer some other services to help out Authors. Some are Free and some will come with a small charge.

My main area is erotica romance which also contains Lesbian and gay themes, dark erotica and contemporary romance. I will also take Paranormal Romance, new adult and anything that really has a romance theme in one way or the other.


For a free ebook I'll read your work and offer an honest review on this blog as well as and I will also post links to the post on facebook and twitter.

This service has no charge and is done for free.

Beta reading

For a free ebook of your work I'll offer to read your work before release and provide a detailed account of your book. I will also post a review up on this page as well as and, with links to the review on facebook and twitter on release day.

Beta's reads that I have done.

Then Now Forever by Teodora Kostova.
Dance by Teodora Kostova.

This service has no charge and is done for free

Proof Reading

For a small fee I'll go through your work on the computer and change minor spelling mistakes and grammar. If you want a small edit of the story line I can also do that. I'm willing to give my opinion on scenes and the overall story line. This service will also come with a review when released on, as well as links to facebook and twitter. For this service I will take any fiction.

At this moment in time Proof-reading is charged at £5/$8.40 per hour. Maximum charge of £100/$168. This means that for awhile no job with be charged more then the maxmum charge. All payment is done through Paypal.

Proof Reading that I have done.

Dance by Teodora Kostova.
Miss Taken by Cleo Scornavacca.

To discuss any of the above or to book your spot on any service please email me Charmaine Butler at or contact me through facebook Mummy's Naughty Corner.

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