Tuesday, 21 January 2014

At Her Feet by Rebekah Weatherspoon Review

Book Blurb

During a night of Web surfing for celeb gossip and masturbatory material, digital marketing producer Suzanne Kim stumbles across an intriguing thread while checking her profile on kinklife.com. Suzanne isn’t exactly looking, but the request for a very specific type of submissive from the attractive mistress, Mami-P, is hard to resist. Though the two hit it off during their first online conversation, Suzanne never imagines how strong their real life attraction and compatibility will be. After a few missteps in training, trust, and communication, Suzanne finds a deep love with her mistress, Pilar.

Overworked and overstressed in her daily life, Suzanne comes to crave their relationship for the visceral escape it provides, but before they can make the ultimate commitment, someone from Suzanne’s professional life threatens to disrupt their perfectly balanced bliss.

**This title includes BDSM and sexual situations some readers may find objectionable.**

My Review 

Arc received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Cover :- 4 stars
Sex/steaminess :- 4 stars
Story line :- 5 stars
Characters :- 4 stars
Overall rating :- 4. 25 stars

Personal rating :- 5 stars

Book Pairing:- F/F
Did it give me a book hangover :- Yes
Is this a review book or personal read :- Review read

Why I chose this book?

I got approved for this title through Netgalley.

What I liked about this book.

* It's a theme I haven't come across before.
* It captured me from page one.
* It was hot and steamy as well as having a very strong storyline.
* I like the background characters too. The helped to make the story.

What I didn't like about this book.

* The theme although it was written well I'm sure some wont like the age play. Not really something that I cared about in this story but I can see where it could go wrong fast. So not a complaint from me more a warning to some followers.

Would I read more from this author?


Would I recommend this book?

Yes but to a certain few. BDSM lovers who want a new twists or very open minded people.

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