Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wicked Surrender by Ambrielle Kirk Review By Guest Reviewer Rae Caplinger

Book Blurb

 To indulge in your most wicked desires…

After kicking her cheating ex-boyfriend to the curb, Kris Delacourt became celibate. Her grudge against the opposite sex has rendered her love life non-existent. The one thing that hasn’t been reduced is her sexual appetite. Kris is tired of spending her nights playing with hard plastic and silicone. She wants a real man. Spending a night at the Den of Sin sounds like the kick start she desperately needs. She doesn’t expect to meet one of the World’s Most Eligible Bachelors there. This isn’t the first time she’s met Travis Brenden, but it seems he doesn’t even remember her.

…would you surrender control?

Travis Brenden is a man who treasures being in control and he relinquishes it for no one. An invite to an exclusive event leads him to cross paths with a woman who seduces him with one innocent glance and erupts a torrid desire deep inside him. He dubs her the Temptress. Within the Den of Sin, he can indulge without the high expectations that come with his social status. Yet, something about this temptress jogs his memory to no end and while he’s with her his control begins to slip.

Review by Rae Caplinger

I have two words for this electrifying novella by Ambrielle Kirk, "direct" and "steamy"-- the concept of this selection of these novellas, but especially with this particular one has great potential to be full blown erotic novels and all together quite a collection of them. Ambrielle is able to take two seeming unrelated people in this story and have them correspond and connect in a way that creates emotion even if it is at the start "only for one night." All in all I found the novella to be quite wonderful, definitely has the scenes and charisma in it to do all that one would expect from this type of story-- if you catch my meaning :-) The only let down for me here is feeling like there is so much potential for more in the story but hey, i suppose that is in the eye of the reader x

I give this novella **** & 1/2

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