Monday, 15 September 2014

Week from Hell

I started this blog practically 11 months ago. I was a bored housewife stuck at home 24/7 looking after the children looking for a new hobby and I chose to read and review books. I wanted a fun place where I could talk about books and find some new great authors.

From the moment I started my home life changed drastically. I was told that I was going to be a nan at the grand age of 29, my husband became ill and My son started school. I have spent many hours on this blog and it is nothing like how I wanted it to become but I'm not giving up and will get it to where I want it.

Last week I had a step son in the hospital for 3 and half days. My son came down with a cold (not too bad I know but he is 3 and becomes very clingy when ill) I also had to deal with my husbands illness rearing up and the whole time I was getting abused by people because I'm only one person. With all that going on I still had to find the time to do housework and work to earn money.

I was called names because I can't drive so I couldn't taxi adults around all week. I was shouted at because I didn't have a spare £10 for weed (I don't support drugs anyway so why would I give the last of my money to you to get high). I have been disowned because I wouldn't take your 3 month old baby for 3 nights so you could go out and get drunk.

These are just the highlights of last week. After all that I really don't care any more. I have a son that is pushed to the side and forgotten by everyone. My health and feelings are never taken into account.

Because of all this I have missed posts and haven't been able to read books for up and coming tours. For this I apologise. It seems that is all I'm doing lately is apologising to people. I have given everything I have to helping people lately and I have received nothing but abuse. Although things are finally calming down I now how 600 emails to go through and about 100 fb messages and then I can say that I'm up to date.  Cover's will be posted, and tours will go ahead. If I forget to contact you in the mean time please bare with me. I'm trying and at this point that is all I can say and offer.

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