Friday, 14 November 2014

Isabella gets Grilled.

Isabella gets Grilled.

Today I got to talk to the great Isabella about her work. Isabella is a great author who writes Lesbian fiction, she also owns and runs Sapphire books publishing. I will do a post about them and the books you can buy in a few days. Isabella has several books out which you can all check here Isabella at answered a few questions below but she has also offered you guys a great gift. Anyone that likes her author Facebook page (link below) can message her and receive one of her books as a Thank you. How great is that guys. So once you've liked her page send her a message saying she's in Mummy's Naughty corner and a Hi would be nice and she'll send you one of her books.

1) I know a lot of Authors say it's like picking a favourite child but I'm still going to ask.Out of all of your books can you pick a favourite and why?

Wow, that's tough. I would have to say, Always Faithful, is my favorite. It opened doors and won awards. I love the characters, the love story and the hence the reason I am writing the sequel, Forever Faithful. Nic and Claire are close to my heart.

2) Ok I'm guessing you know what's coming now, can you pick a favourite character?

Awe, favorite character is from a different novel. Luce Potter is my favorite character. She instills fear in people, she demands respect and she has a kink side that keeps her centered. She's a deeper character and I've liked her growth through the series, American Yakuza I and II.

3) Did any of your stories absolutely consume you, control your every move until it was finished? If one did, do you feel you made it out of the experience whole and sane?

The book I'm working on now has had that affect on me. Forever Faithful finds Nic Caldwell wounded, physically and emotionally and she's in a tough spot after being injured in Afghanistan. Instead of being this brave, strong military soldier, we find Nic is the one hurting and wounded. It's Claire's turn to be the strength in the relationship, but there are some real struggles between the two that hopefully don't break them apart.

4) Do you have to deal with any crazy stalkers? Would you like some crazy stalkers lol?

Hmm, crazy stalkers. No, I've been pretty lucky...I don't think I'm a stalker magnet. LOL

5) What's the best compliment you have received about your work?

A fellow author told me that she enjoyed my body of work and that it could easily be mainstreamed. I thought that was a great compliment. When a reader takes time out of their busy days to write and tell me that I got it right, that means a lot to me, so those are great compliments to get,too.

6) Please take a moment to talk about your current work or latest release.

My latest release is Forever Faithful, it's a military romance that takes the characters from Always Faithful and puts them in a new environment, Monterey and Afghanistan. Nic has just finished her education and a prominent military university and she finds out she being sent to Afghanistan. Claire's life is turned upside down by what happens to Nic in Afghanistan and we get to see how these two women cope with death, destruction and tests their love.

7) Do you get nervous when you release a new title? 

Always! I get nervous when it goes to edits, I get nervous when it's released and I get nervous when the first reviews come out. I always hope that readers will love my baby and that's a tough thing. I also hope that I've grown as a writer since my last novel.

8) Would you like to share any tips with new and aspiring authors?

Write, write and write some more. I meet lots of people who say they want to be writers and I ask them, "What's stopping you?" Believe in yourself and don't let other people's expectations stop you from doing what you love. There isn't a magic pill for success, only hard work. Expect to be rejected, but don't let it cloud your vision or allow you to lose your focus. Keep that goal out in front of you and know that sometimes you may have to recenter that goal, because life happens and it gets in the way, but being prepared for it helps.

You can find me on facebook at Isabella
You can find my books at Sapphire Books Publishing

Thanks Charmaine for the opportunity to share a little bit about myself with your readers.


  1. Nice interview, thank you. I am looking forward to Forever Faithful VERY much!!!

  2. Great interview as usual, Isabella. I enjoy your work and look forward to your next release every time.

  3. Thanks Taylor, you rock, too! Hope you're feeling better.


  4. Ameliah, how sweet are you! Just typed, the end. It's off to the editor, which as you already know makes me nervous.