Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Beverly's Secret by Eden Glenn Review

Book Blurb

There, same routine different day except the sloppiness of her clothes in the middle of the floor. She could leave them there all night, an inelegant rug to cover the hideous cream colored linoleum floor. Bev knew she couldn't do it, even with the little voice in her head daring her to. With a huff and a groan at bending down for the billionth time of the day, she snatched them up and tossed them into the hamper in the corner. Wait! An odd thud pulled her after the clothes. She dug through until she came to her work apron. The weight seemed off. Had she left something in her pocket? She fished around in the black cloth and her fingers connected with cold stone. "Damn it!"

A tingle shook the back of her knees at the discovery of the quartz necklace hidden in the folds of fabric. If she believed rumors the stone had magical properties. Amethyst, historically the gem of love. Beverly didn't go for jewelry much. Yet, the necklace was a lovely piece. The brass chain was delicate yet substantial enough to support the polished oval slab of amethyst. The center pattern of flame captured her interest. She turned it in the light watching how the pattern changed as the light reflected off the mirror and hit the bauble.
A bauble that was supposed to be in a display case at the store, not her pocket.

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My Review

Cover :- 4 stars
Sex/steaminess :- 4 stars
Story line :- 4 stars
Characters :- 5 stars
Overall rating :- 4.25 stars

Personal rating :- 5 stars

Book Pairing:- F/F 
Did it give me a book hangover :- Almost
Is this a review book or personal read :- Personal read

Why I chose this book?

I recently read another book by this author and really enjoyed it so I thought I'd check out some of her other work.

What I liked about this book.

* Hot and steamy.
* A good little storyline.
* it was an all round good little read.

What I didn't like about this book.

It should contain the warning: Caution will result in a burnt dinner.

Would I read more from this author?


Would I recommend this book?


About The Author

Eden Glenn and her partner the hot "the Lady Librarian" live in the eastern lee of the Great Smoky mountains outside of Asheville, NC in a quaint home brimming of southern charm. 

The cottage is surrounded by beautiful gardens that bloom year round and give Eden lots of garden projects to enjoy. Their family includes a cat and a lovable nuisance dog (Lab X Great Dane) that should be in Japan. Eden has blue eyes, but her hair color is subject to change without notice.

She is a member of RWA (Romance Writers of America)and FCRW (First Coast Romance Writers). She is author of several novelette sized stories. 

Prepare to leave your safe world behind.

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