Sunday, 31 August 2014

Please Help a Blogger out.

Ok this is a bit of a rant but hay, it's my blog.

This is how my day is going. 10-15 minutes every few hours on the laptop getting all the posts and emails sorted. 

I am scheduled to do a release Blitz today but I haven't been sent the email. I have a Blitz for tomorrow. I have been sent the info for that but there is no HTML code. There are about 30 items I am expected to cut and paste into a blog post......... Yeah I have the time and energy to do that, considering the email hit my inbox 2 hours ago. I still have to make dinner, finish the washing, find time to play with my son and I've still got 30 odd emails to read and maybe answer today. That's before I start on the things I really want to do like read and watch a film. Please remember when bloggers sign up they have weekends too, they have families and things they want to do. I have spent 2 hours on blogging today already. I'm going to add 1 more hour and if things aren't done then tough. 

I know these Blitz and tours take time but I'm not being funny 9 times out of 10 the person running them is getting paid. I'm not! I have an energetic 3 year old and a husband. I have a house to take care off and I'm trying to get as much work as I can to help pay the bills. It's days like this when you question all the time and energy you put into a blog. I'd like to say this is the first time but it's not. I have had quite a few tours and blitzes where I haven't received the stuff or it's been sent last minute. At the end of the day the authors have paid for this and they are missing out. 

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