Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Twisted Destiny by K.R Brown Book Blitz

Book Blurb

Connell ran over the rocks, then through two large trees. Moss kicked up as he ran but he didn’t have a chance with the wolf on his heels. One misstep is all it took for the wolf to be on top of Connell. The sound of breaking bone told him that he had broken his ankle. Pain ran through him, but his mind was too paralyzed by fear. The wolf stared down at him and Connell looked the beast in the eyes. Eyes that he could swear had human emotions behind them. He didn’t back down from the wolf and maybe that was why the beast bite him. Connell howled in pain as the beast seemed to chew on his arm. Another howl echoed through the trees and in his clouded mind he swore he heard voices coming toward him. The wolf disappeared into the trees as Connell lay bleeding on the forest floor. Keran found him passed out from blood loss and fear. The site was shut down while they took Connell to the hospital. It didn’t matter what they did for Connell the wound would curse him for the rest of his life.

Book 5 in the Twisted Fate Series

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