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Tye Dye and Flannel by Rhavensfyre New release and Interview

Chase and Rowan Book 4

Book Blurb

In this prequel to Life is Not a Country Song, we go back to the 80's where we meet a much younger Maria and Stacie. Dr. Stacie Phillips is a Veterinarian caught up in trying to protect her family, her new career, and most of all, her heart. 

Maria Perez Rivera is Stacie's polar opposite. Spiritual and free-spirited, she invades Stacie's pragmatic life and brings to light a few things she's been missing. 
A lesbian romance you won't want to miss, not if you've ever tried to wear tie-dye and flannel at the same time. 

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1)  I know you both write the books together (Kl and Roxy) I have always wondered, do you both have certain parts you write, like one does the sex while another does back story or do you both sit down and write a chapter separately or do you sit down and write together?
Well, we could tell everyone our process, but then we’d lose the mystery. But really? It all depends on what we’re writing and who is “feeling” the characters. A common situation would be one of us fleshing out a chapter, then passing it to the other to add our particular flair. We’ve often been challenged by readers who read our books looking for something that gives away who wrote what, but so far, no one has. We strive for a seamless product, and I think that has to do with the synergistic effort we strive for.
2)      Do you have a favorite book in the series?
That’s a toughy. Of course we are going to say the first one, Life is Not a Country Song, because that is when you get to meet the two main characters for the first time.
3)      Can you pick a favorite character?
Merle or Smoothy. Our 4 legged characters are just as fun and interesting as the 2 legged ones and sometimes just as important. They aren’t just thrown in because a cowgirl has to have a horse, Smoothy has her own drama and sometimes a lesson or two to offer the humans. Merle? Merle just wants to be laughed at. Merle is the clown in the story.
4)      If Chase and Rowan became a film who would be your idea cast members?
Hmmm. This is the worst question for us because the characters have such a solid image by the time they are constructed. I would probably leave that question up to the readers. They seem to have a good idea of who they see when they read.
5)      I know this is part 4, is there more to come in the future?
Yes! There is a lot of time between 1988, when Tie Dye and Flannel is set, and Chase and Rowans modern world. Chase and Rowan are moving into the future, and Maria and Stacie have a ton of past to get through before they get to the point you really get to meet them in Love is Not a Romance Novel.
6)      Will you miss writing this characters when the series comes to an end?
Always! We find that characters that really gel with us are the ones we want to keep writing. They have such interesting lives, and we want to keep sharing them. I think this series could go for a very long time, if the readers want them to. Maybe that’s why we haven’t closed out a series yet.
7)      Would you like to take a moment to share any of your work with us?
Here is an excerpt from Tie Dye and Flannel and where we and Stacie first meet Maria
“Rowan! Slow down before you hurt someone or yourself.”
“But I found the place, Stacie! I told you I would,” Rowan bellowed, then looked up at the two women staring down at her. “Hi, Bianca. My mom couldn’t make it so Stacie is here with me. Hi, I’m Rowan. Sorry I bounced into you. You won’t tell Stacie? I was promised ice cream an’ I don’t wanna miss ice cream.”
Maria’s mouth dropped open. The little girl was cute as hell, and she knew how to pout and look endearing at the same time. Solemn gray eyes stared up at her. At complete odds with her freckles and reddish auburn hair, they beseeched Maria not to tell on her.
“You didn’t hurt me, little one.” Maria winked, joining in on the conspiracy.
“You sound like Bianca. Is she your girlfriend?” Rowan asked with all the innocence only a child could muster.
To say that the voice behind her sounded scandalized beyond belief was an understatement. Bianca smirked, her dark eyes glittered and the corner of her mouth twitched until she bit her lip. Maria knew how she felt. It was very difficult not to laugh aloud. Whatever possessed her to think that they were…? Oh. A tall, blonde woman ducked beneath a scarf hanging over the entranceway. Her hair was tied back in a loose ponytail as casual and relaxed looking as her clothes. A loose gray and brown sleeveless flannel shirt hung open over a simple black tank top. Levi’s and broken in boots finished the outfit. The woman inside those clothes wasn’t quite as relaxed. She seemed awkward inside her own skin. Not gawky, Maria thought, the woman was well past that stage in life. The part of her that wanted to feed the world noted her lean form, the whipcord muscles beneath an honest farmer’s tan. Without having to ask, Maria knew she was a woman who worked for a living and didn’t care to hide it, but didn’t eat enough unless there was someone around to remind her. Light brown eyes skimmed across hers, then looked away almost immediately, as if embarrassed they had held her gaze at all. The intelligence behind them instantly intrigued her. There was more to this woman than she was seeing right now.
“I’m so sorry about that. Rowan has a mind of her own when she’s excited.” 
“It’s okay,” Maria said, casting about for something witty to say that might get her an introduction. What had Rowan said? Stacie…that was who she was talking about, something about her mother not being able to come today.
Stacie turned her attention towards Bianca and Maria felt like she could think again.
“Josie asked me to come here and pick up some spices. Here’s the list she made for me,” Stacie said, sounding unsure of what she was actually looking for. She pulled a piece of neatly folded note paper from her back pocket and held it in front of her. Bianca took it and wandered off, muttering to herself as she dug through her supplies. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to jump in front of you.”
Maria jumped, so intent on trying to figure out how to start a natural conversation she wasn’t ready for the other woman to speak first. “No, no. You’re fine. I was just trying to decide on buying this or not.” She held up the deep burgundy dress in front of her.
“It’s tie-dyed.”
“I love tie-dye,” Maria said, hugging the dress to her in mock horror. Who didn’t love tie-dye?
8)      Do you have a crazy stalker?
A couple of almost ones, but nothing we can’t handle. Mostly, we find that some people get caught up in something they find inside the story that really speaks to them and their enthusiasm gets the better of them. It’s harmless, and we don’t mind talking with readers. Some of our work has had a profound impact on a reader, whether it is dealing with a difficult subject we broached or recognizing a familiar past. That can be difficult to digest sometimes.
9)      Have you got any advice for up and coming indie authors?
We get a lot of requests for advice. It’s a tough call because there is a lot of stuff out there, good and bad…but I think I will always fall back on what I was told as an artist. You do it because you have to, because your fingers ache to create something. I say, write for yourself. You may or may not become the next big thing, but at least you have created something uniquely yours. Put it out there, and take the advice you are offered. Be willing to listen.
KL says: Get good Beta’s you can trust, not just yes people who tell you want to hear. In other words, your partner or mom is not the best Beta.
10)  Out of the two of you, who cracks the whip more when working on a project?
Oh, Hell. That is KL. She is the pusher, while Roxy is the procrastinator “have to be in the mood” type. Without KL, we would have a dozen half- finished novels, so yes…she is the holder of the leather whip.

About the authors

Rhavensfyre is the collaborative pen name used by two writers, Roxanne and KL, who have been partners since 2000 and were finally legally married in Washington D.C. in 2012. They have a small farm in Pennsylvania where they raise and breed horses. KL is a horse trainer and has shown western pleasure in the past, now her focus is more on pleasure riding and breeding. She is an avid cyclist, and when she is not on four hooves she is on 2 wheels. Roxy works as a nurse by night and an artist by day. A military veteran, she has seen a good bit of the world and now enjoys the quiet country life immensely. “Switching Gears” is their first book.

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