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Broken Ever After By Natalie Graham Review

Book Blurb

Olivia Stevens is a young, troubled girl from London, England, just about to leave sixth form, into a world full of love, lust, heartbreak and betrayal.
Olivia has had a crush on her teacher, twenty-six year old, Mr Matthews for the last few years but what happens when those feelings are reciprocated? And what happens when someone with a grudge against her gets in between the pair of them?
Forced to face fears from her childhood, Olivia’s life isn’t what she thought it was destined to be and the people in her life aren’t who she thought they were.
**Contains language and scenarios which some readers may find offensive and/or disturbing. Sexual content. Recommended to 18+ readers**

My Review 

Cover :- 4 stars
Sex/steaminess :- 3 stars but it's NA so you don't expect much
Storyline :- 4 stars
Characters :- 5 stars
Overall rating :- 4 stars

Personal rating :- 4 stars

Book Pairing:- M/F
Did it give me a book hangover :- Yes
Is this a review book or personal read :- Personal Read

Why did I read this book?

It's a student/teacher pairing which I have a soft spot for. Also I am friends with the author and won the book in a Facebook competition.

What did I like about the book.

* The hot stuff was hot when it happened. The first kiss *fans self*
* The author kept you guessing with the story lines and characters.
* For a first book the author shows skill and promise.

What I didn't like about the book.

* The timings. It all seemed to happen at the same time. There was no room to catch your breath.
* It's the kind of book you need to read without distractions. You can get lost or miss an important clue if your not concentrating.
* I have to wait for the next one to find out what happens next.

Would you read more by this author?

Yes. I'm in constant contact with the author so I don't miss the release of the second book.

Would I recommend this book?

Yes. To romance lover's especially those with a love for student/teacher pairing.

What others are saying about the book.

“I loved all the characters in this book and was left wanting to pick up the second book to the series right there and then.” -Francessca’s Romance Reviews

“The author is a new British author and this is her debut book and what a book! I love this book, it floored me emotionally and it's going to take me a while to get over it. Maybe even until I've read book #2” -Obsession is a Book

“The sexual tension (and release of created tension) between Olivia and Jamie Matthews is hot. Really! I was fanning myself after a couple of their "student/teacher meetings". You will fall hard for these two. So happy that they found something so innocent and naughty.”  -The Book Bar


Author Bio

Natalie Graham is an English, indie, e-book author. She originally wrote for fun, choosing to write short stories until she wrote her debut novel – Broken Ever After; the first in the Ever After trilogy. She is currently working on the sequel to BEA to be released early 2014 and has plans for another series tentatively scheduled for 2015.


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