Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Teodora Kostava Interview.


  1. What got you into writing?
I’m not sure there’s one specific event that got me into writing. I’ve been do it ever since I can remember. I remember in school when we had a writing homework, all my classmates would grumble and moan that their weekend would be ruined, while I felt so happy and was already working out the outline in my head.
  1. What plans do you have for the future ( you don't have to give out lots of details you can say something like I'm working on a few novels.)
Well, I’m working on Lisa and Gino’s book which is called Colour Me Inside and hopefully will be out in March 2014. I’m also working on another project, but I can’t say much about that yet, it’s top secret *winks*. As for any long term plans, I just want people to read and enjoy my novels. I can’t even try to explain how wonderful it is when someone emails me and say how much what I’ve written has touched them.
  1. How do you handle being stalked and do you have more than one stalker?
I guess I’m lucky because my stalkers are amazing. We have a wonderful, mutually satisfying relationship, thank you.
  1. Can you pick a favourite character?
God, no. I have so many!
  1. What's the best part about being an Indie author?
I’m a huge control freak and I’m past the point where I try to deny it. So for me, the best part is being in complete control of your work, your schedule, your marketing, your distribution – everything. It’s amazing and I’d never be able to let that go.
  1. What's the worst thing about being an Indie author?
I honestly don’t see any cons. Being an indie author is hard work, trust me. But when you love it, you’re able to look past the sleepless nights and the amazon rankings and all that.
  1. Do you have a favourite place to write?
Not a favourite, no. I usually write in my office. But I also love writing in cafes and in my local library – I love that place! It’s so peaceful and smells of books!
  1. Does anything help you to write like a certain playlist, snack?
I can’t write without music. I don't have a specific writing playlist – I just play whatever I’m in the mood for. What helps me the most is disconnecting the wi-fi and logging out of facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram....
  1. If you could meet one other author dead or alive who would it be?
Again, I have to choose one! That’s torture, I have so many authors I want to meet. But if I absolutely have to choose just one, I’d go with Abigail Roux. She’s so much fun and we’ll have a blast! And hopefully I’ll manage to get her drunk and she’ll tell me if Ty and Zane will get married by the end of the series.
  1. What's the one book you feel should be on everyone's Read list?
I feel that everyone should be able to choose their own reading list – no one book is good for all. As long as people have reading lists and read and enjoy books, I’m happy.

Thank you Teodora for the Interview

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